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hey guys my name is shoumik and I’m a lawyer practicing corporate and energy “law school” in the Philippines. so onto another law related article I really wanted to write an article  that would have been helpful to me back. when I was entering law school. I really want this article to be something that I wish I knew back then, an article that I wish I had access to back then and maybe then it would have helped me decide.

Law school tips

about whether to pursue a law school or not back in 2008 2008 yes mm here you know when something feels like a lifetime ago una parenchyma Deutsche Telekom at a time Ellen but yeah back in 2008. When I entered law school I really think that I didn’t have much knowledge going into it. The lawyer didn’t even go and actually say to you that she was an undergraduate but the time that he took law school was in 1972 at iron nemi you 1971. Adam far removed animal experiences near as a law student to be relevant to me at the time that I had read law school when I tried Law School in 2008 he needed a man who saw a website blog post.

so there were so few resources that I could use to base my experience on in short while a former elite and an article will have whom I relate and experiences. because I had no idea going into law school what it would be like this came along because she knew that lawyers love disclaimers. This article is based on my experience as a student in the U P College of Law or you below.

The intention of this article is really to tell it like it is so I’m not going to sugarcoat anything and I’m not gonna embellish anything either I’m just going to tell it like it is.

and really tell you what’s what’s up in law school. Trust me law school is stressful enough as it is. It would be helpful if you know a few of the things that you can’t expect of us law students. So let’s get into the article the first thing that you can expect in law school. it’s that it’s a fresh start it doesn’t matter what your undergrad course is it what your family name is it doesn’t matter if you came from a financially strapped background compared to if you came from a privileged background loss would I’ve said before and I always will maintain that it is the great equalizer. so everyone is on equal footing I’ve mentioned before that my undergrad is fine arts and in UV law the batch was composed of people from such colorful such varied backgrounds so there was psychology.

our biology philosophy EB humanities legal management that was monotonic umlaut the man in the towel animal honors. but I’m telling you it didn’t matter what your background was Hume law school but a sham reset button in the sense that for example. just because you weren’t good and undergrad doesn’t mean that you can’t be really amazing in law school.

Conversely than a man just because you were an honor student an undergraduate or just because you graduated laude and an undergrad doesn’t mean but you’re going to succeed in law school I had batch mates who were laude say be.

political science so you peed on a man which is actually considered the ideal course for a pre-law but that didn’t mean annex axilla and in fact.

learn must about law education.

Unfortunately some of them did feel subjects your background will not have bearing on whether or not max if Erika in law school law school is a whole new playing field it has a whole new set of rules. so you can consider it as a fresh start in fact I would say that law school was a slice of humble pie lallan of samantha was an undergrad ‘no major san isil and a pulley in latino.

professors because of their high grades it was a humble pie for those people who could get away with not studying and undergrad they’re still getting honors. but in law school they realize they couldn’t do that anymore and boom up sucks alone and subject that because they didn’t study law school is just a whole new animal the next thing that you can expect in law school is that studying is really going to be a way of life.

law school is really about studying. You can’t go through law school without studying hard if you weren’t fond of studying back in undergrad.

then that’s something that has to change when you get to law school because you can’t just study when you feel like it. You just simply won’t survive in fact a lot of the time you will not feel like studying at all because you’re just so tired or because you just feel. so defeated from the day’s struggle the day’s recitation of the dis exam but it doesn’t matter you still have to push yourself to study law school is totally about day-to-day studying based on my experience actually. I would say that it’s very rare that a day will go by without you studying ahead of India.

so law school was a bit of a reality check for those people and then naturally smart you know those types of people who didn’t really have to study that hard in undergrad peninnah graduation and a collaborative got really high grades I realized Alana.

guarana telegin anima corral and he didn’t have to study to get high grades you actually had to study for the most basic thing which is survival, who nikamoda.

Posca because I look at Augusta law school the next thing that you can expect in law school is that you will form an established routine. which you need in order to cope being in law school is a lot about routine it’s a life of constant study with a bit of rest in between which inevitably ends back up studying again for years it will literally be wake up eat your breakfast study your readings for class later in the day go to school attend your class study in the library after your class go home eat dinner study some more maybe spend a little bit of time on Facebook or twitter just to decompress just to relax study a bit more and then sleep and that just goes on day after day after day in law school you can expect that you will find a routine that works for you and you will stick to that routine if you’re the type of person who likes to live on the wild side the type of person who dislikes consistency in their schedule you know a more.

a spontaneous type of person then loss will really have a way of assuring you into a routine or settling you intervene because you will be consistently studying day in and day out you will also need to adapt the routine that allows you to consistently study. so when I am on a spontaneous trip Saturday I just because when I don’t you want to long road trips out of town well I am a man it just won’t happen law school doesn’t allow for that kind of spontaneity so routine routine routine even if it may be difficult at the start it will definitely help you in the end.

In fact I would say that a large part of the barn of you was heavily about boolean crystalline on Barnaby telega. You would have to sit her buck down for like 16 hours and age just studying and studying in a bargain you had to schedule the subjects. that you would study for on that day that you would study for for that month or that you would study for for the week. so fixing your teen as early as first-year law will be very helpful for you when you’re gearing up for the bar exam. The next thing that you can expect in law school is recitation every day like I said in my previous five myths about law school. Law school is taught by a Socratic method.

The Socratic method was started by Socrates who taught his students via intellectual discourse so total verbal interaction and shortin who’s supplying a professor every class. so how that works in law school is that at the start of the semester your professor will give you recitation cards they’re basically cards that you write your names on. so I am going to ratify a nickname student number then the professor will get those cards and every meeting the professor will use that deck of cards to call the persons or the student to the other side for the day the number of persons to be called for a particular class really varies from professor.

 professor mimic approach and Natoma towel down five students every meeting my ependymal professor which is called two students per meeting to the side the way the questions are propounded to the students also differs from professor. professor there are professors who will ask you to recite cases that are in the outline for example next reshuffling professor none deck of cards near. the centavo you mémé go to that professor with asked mr. Midori gave me the case of Paul versus lemon Zara’s and then based on that I now go from my seat and that I would recite the case sir or ma’am in the case of Paul vs.

lemon Sarah’s petitioner was blah blah blah blah blah. So you really can’t do it here with recitation in law school like studying recitation is a way of life. so now because of that and I am gonna public speaking but I got over my fear of it because I went to law school something that you have to accept if you want to stay in law school something that you have to work around if you don’t like public speaking guy in your law school is taught via the Socratic method because professors are really trying to derive critical thinking in the students. and not just any critical thinking but critical thinking on your thoughts in recitation to say you’re expected to be like this at the start of your finger you would be able to give a correct answer.

come my child on with a consumer God then there’s a high chance that the professor will ask you to sit down and we’ll call on another student. or aside that was your inboxes may agree don’t meet yourself up if you’re not excellent at recitation your first few weeks or months even in law school it’s a learning curve so brown-bagging.

experience shop for all of you guys say pacific elementary high school undergrad in enamel recitation young way of schooling students a in those levels of education telecon the tutoring professor you para.

This was that A plus B equals C but it’s a completely different system in law school because you will be the one answering the questions and those questions will be any question that your lovely professor desires. so allow yourself time to adjust nobody’s perfect not even your magna laude batch mate you have to allow yourself room to make mistakes. I still remember a recitation wherein we have opposite dad cool you need a menu but definitely not go well up you dear sighs go trust in yourself. that you would learn as you go along if at the start you were fumbling with your words you were wringing your hands because you were.

so nervous ding cannula forth unifier messes on I didn’t kya and recitation will no longer cause you to panic like it did when you were a first-year.

freshy in law school, the next step you can expect in law school is that of course you will have less time for your family. your friends, your love life Law School is the most difficult thing that you will do in your life coupled with a bar exam the road to getting that authority title before. your names it’s the most difficult perilous road ever full of hurdles and obstacles what I’m saying is that because the rewards are very big when you become a lawyer you have to be prepared and committed to sacrifice. so you can actually get there you have to give up going to ballet randomly just because you want to serve you have to give up weekly movie night to give up quality time with your job you know what I remember I even missed my 10-year high school reunion.

just because I had finals on that weekend and I had to study the grammar Amica i’m gonna miss out on but honestly that’s part of a sacrifice that you have to be nothing worth having comes easy. and to the altar like I am seeing my own when it comes to law school those four years in law school or five if you’re a working student you really have to be focused with your eyes on the prize you have to be willing to do whatever it takes because really it’s it’s it’s no walk in the park it’s the opposite of a walk in the park it’s draining it’s exhausting.

it’s humiliating but I promise you if you just see it it will be worth it in their point of Abunimah glove life in law school. well when I was in law school yes Marren the home boyfriend it would actually be a great thing if law student the new boyfriend or girlfriend.

because then they would completely understand your unavailability or know what happened time to grab lunch with them. or my mom is kinda anniversary just because you have to study for your class the next day in law school you will really be forced 30 assess your.

priorities and 30 calibrate your priorities I see you mother priorities before and you thought were important to you more often than not the shaman even conducive to success in law school. there’s things that you really have to give out but in exchange there are a lot of things that you will gain from a man but lawyer style. The next thing that you can expect in law school is sleepless nights, mental anguish and anxiety pressure.

and nerves Sonic’s I because I gotta do my sugar coat day but all of those things are true I remember new first because a law school my dinner date Domino day and he would accompany me to study in.

McDonald’s until 6:00 a.m. of the next day so the evening before coming books have starts amok the one looks like probably around 9 p.m. then we would stay in McDonald’s until 6 a.m. of the next day I mean lava I still remember how the sunlight looked hitting the window the next morning there will be. so many sleepless nights in law school I can’t even begin to explain lagging pay and lacking for good that’s actually another reason why mobile and carry on time for your hobbies when you’re in law school.

because I am pure now instead of doing my hobbies for example going to the gym eating at a new restaurant you would rather sleep because you’re just. so sleep-deprived now you see pinion ax instead of doing that motto to look at the pocket knife can’t escape the sleepless nights can’t escape the nerves can’t escape the pressure because they will be there no matter what law school you study the real determinant will be whether or not you can handle that stress that anguish keep the snipes anxiety property whether. I’m at the defeat gonna bag I know you’re or whether you will embrace them as inevitable parts of loss and simply move forward little Kazan law school a you can’t be stuff for example some bad performance more during that day you have to move forward if you are low in self-pity in become a hobble Law School is really just moving forward regardless of how you feel regardless of the results of recitation of that day real angola post lavalava.

the next thing that you can expect in loss.

is obviously that you will carry a lot of bags of course a lot of school Merryn come personal bag so whether you’re Tariq I got my personal handbag our backpack whatever that was America bank bag of readings and that bag of readings will get very very heavy like 90% of the time you will get readings from the photocopying station in your law school in photocopying station my vision of the outline of the professor’s you.

photocopying Center my setna Silla of the cases for that particular professor so you manage on its pupal telophase a photocopying center in law school new and you will tell them clarify your readings for professor X so you’ll be they will photocopy the whole set for you engineering reading smoke sets not contain so many cases and it’s not just one set for the entire semester seguro you said that oh it would last just for a couple of weeks.

you said Nagaina coca Papa so you can just imagine the stacks of paper that will pile up in your house in your condo remember I found that one of the projects of the organization a member lacasa you below was a paper drive and we earned so much money from that paper drive.

I say I’m dama de Mena and I mean papel each recycling unpack it’s so much paper and because it’s so much paper it’s also so much bags so you know what nowadays. I’m so used to carrying heavy bags sometimes when people try to help me with my heavy bags I always tell them to peel onions and I now horn at law school. so you can expect that the next thing that you can expect in law school is collective humiliation in law school you will see your block mates and your batch mates at their worst and at their best makuhita mozilla on these where they’re really not as prepared as they would like to be.

so sublime scintilla and you can see how down there after and how bad they feel after a botched recitation you’ll see them naman on those days where they feel like they did well so messiah Scylla and shortly we’ll share. so many common experiences with your batch mates one of them long you collective human. He is showing it will really happen to the best of you in law school even the most brilliant of law students you will really see your batch mates get.

scolded by your professor or corrected or told to sit down you can save money at it whilst he being at awhile you professor science or no they will tell you to sit down.

Crick’s up on the towel kind you weren’t able to properly answer orthogonal tsumago they will tell you sit down miss me at all the smoke Trisha fidelity no cards no student that happened. so many times in law school sometimes it even happens that students consecutively can’t answer for example student a cannot answer so the professor call student B student me still can’t answer a professor called student C sometimes it just sets off a chain reaction of feel ingredients collective humiliation it’s it’s a thing it will happen but there are also still silver linings to collective humiliation which brings me to my next topic the next thing that you can expect in law school is that you will grow thick skin in short.

companionway linear and kappa pal the new Mohan your guys I wouldn’t say that it’s a bad thing because it’s a coping mechanism. I’ve said before that law school is really a test of grit and tenacity and character it’s not a test of intelligence. so it’s not about who is the smartest but it’s really about who has enough grip to get over themselves you want a fierce never doubts sadness bad day smooth swings it’s about the person who can overcome all of that and still remain in law school and still go through the hardships of Law School.

God’s sovereign here I’m not sure if a bad day or a couple of bad days or robotics I’m on a few bad exams will make you just give up and throw in the towel then I go what money are you saying you’re. so growing thick skin is actually essential to make you get over yourself to make you get over about the about exam a bad dress it or a bad experience in your personal life and just focus on studying on staying in law school on making sure that the next day is a matter D really need fixing in law school to be able to shake it off you know the value of not taking things personally the next thing that you can expect in law school is that you will make a lot of new friends this is one of the silver linings of your collective humiliation it’s the trauma of that collectively humiliating experience that will make you guys. so close I would compare it to soldiers in war in Tagalog Bob and Inca okay say Sobran here uh planned conditions.

so to this day the different blocks in law school are still closed they still see each other some of them not.

bridesmaid or groomsmen among wedding these are people who will be spending five or even six days a week with you’re going to be sharing to study tips you’re going to be spending time library breaks lunches dinners in ones with all of these people you all have the same goal you’re all driven – these are people who are not just very different from you but also very alike in a lot of ways.

so it’s very very likely that you will become great friends with your block mates Thank You laguna limon Auto see you below well aunt crab but also while adding the create no unnecessary drama law school is difficult and opposite is nobody needs drama. I’m so glad that none of that happened in law school. Everyone helped each other out, everyone tried to comfort each other. It was a really great community. You peel off for the win. The next thing that you can expect in law school is that you will end up liking coffee and alcohol my brother.

who is a Nathaniel or when he was in high school undergrad he hated coffee and alcohol judo varsity Shih Tzu para we don’t like alcohol it’s unhealthy I don’t like coffee either it messes with my nerves makes me jittery. and yeah but now de nada Han commercial knock Starbucks make you share percent and a beer named Mike my husband. so never say never Law School will make you uncover a lot of things you didn’t know about yourself. Law school could make you like things that you never thought you’d like make you do things that you never thought you’d do in law school. Coffee is life. it was so hard to study without coffee and to this day I find it hard to work without coffee and I think that started in law school probably did I don’t know if it’s physiological like my body needs coffee for my mind to be alert or if it’s just psychological or psychosomatic definitely coffee was like life juice in law school.

alcohol of course came in bugs oblong stressed after exams or after a tough week of law school yeah and Jennifer persecute aluminum oh hello Alan and I had my fair share for the wall and when I was in law school.

alcohol Punk pedestrian II it really helped us unwind and it was something to look forward to with a block.

but I’ve got my tonight we’ve had a lot of embarrassing moments because of alcohol Booton Ellen Heaney by Machado using your pictures and not really even when you’re in the law practice you will find that lawyers like. alcohol when I was working in my dream in law firm I still remember that a lot of the partners there had bottled liquor in their offices that was booked in El Camino. I’m not about the name of my associate or you guys and I’m a very open chevre associate guy you couldn’t say no to .

so yeah lawyers do like to drink and that habit probably starts in the school. The next thing that you can expect in law school is that your friends and family will start to ask you for free legal advice that happens especially in the later years of law school like third year fourth year in first year second year. you still feel like a law school nubia you feel like a noob like you’re really still figuring your crap out. but then when you’re in third year in fourth years you start to get a bit more confident and you start to feel a bit more comfortable about charity and your legal knowledge with others are about helping others based on what you know about the law.

so that’s the thing you can expect that people will start to ask pretty good advice and it’s not a bad thing it actually serves as practice for when you’re a lawyer now because a lot of the time people actually ask the same topics you know the practical stuff that common problems like annulment of marriage property disputes succession issues. so it’s something that you should definitely be aware of and it will happen even more when you guys become lawyers. Now the next thing that you can expect in law school is that your new tamiya will be Starbucks and the library. When I was a law student I’d say I spent like 50% of my time studying coffee shops.

so many law students study at Starbucks or at coffee shops there’s a very simple reason for that it’s cause if they study at home Ahava to Lublin Sina sitting in a coffee shop somewhere where you have no option but to say that your desk and face your book is the discipline environment that a lot of law students need to be able to effectively study by exam damning distractions at the most distracting of which is your bed my internet but there are people buying your house who will engage you in conversation.

and so at home there’s so many different things vying for your attention but the thing that you really need to do is to study Starbucks. It’s just like a bread and butter school experience you can just tell when you walk into Starbucks. that you’re gonna see a lawsuit hit somewhere needless to say that library will also be your second home as you go on in law school you will find your favorite spot in the library every doc student has a favorite spot in the library where they like to study top of salamanca if you want that spot.

Miguel again if I owned a garment so you can reserve that table if you were never a library person I have a feeling that will change when you’re in law school because it’s a place where you can study that will give you peace and quiet where you have the right to tell you mom am i eager in a student’s Shh steady in the same vein the next thing that you can expect is that your new favorite store in the mall will be National Bookstore office warehouse did Bala how could I forget office warehouse no Kamini I’m on a highlighter for that day the good thing about office warehouse.

highlighters is that you can refill them Schneider young brand like they have a little pot and then one snow bottom highlighter. Now all you have to do is stick it in that pot and then maybe really feel shy automatically getting about an eco-friendly two because you don’t have to keep on buying individual highlighters. Law school is like the dream of every lover of office supplies. because in law school you will be buying so many different colored highlighters different colored pens paper clips sticky notes you over buying school materials because you feel like there’s a magical stroke of luck having all these office supplies will help you retain.

your headings in your head you can do your freedom study style on law school I can do a separate thing about the study style that worked for me but ultimately. The study style that a law student should stick to really depends on him or her. He makes a one size fits all a but you’re on the common thing during my time was that people really used highlighters people really printed. out of the material they highlighted they wrote notes on them the guy highlighted said Nicole does Neela needs to see lots of kudos you guys might know that I taught in law school I taught the subject human rights in the LSU College of Law the fencing code that a lot of the students actually. no longer physically print their material in the purple circle and they kept their readings on iPads or laptops and it reminded me of a study that I read that for retention purposes physical copies you know reading a physical copy that you can hold in your hand.

it’s much better for attaining information compared to reading stuff on an iPad or a laptop. So that’s something that definitely works for me and my batch means you buy plenty of different colored highlighters and physically highlighting readings you mama Telugu national bookstore in office warehouse mechanics – attend the next thing that you can expect in law school is.

information on saturation you guys are going to be bombarded with. so much info from so many different sources a lot of school is just information saturation day in and day out in a particular subject you’re looking at a particular set of laws there’s only one version of each law but the thing is. I’m demanding different commentaries schematize are law books written by lawyers or law authors and that meeting different review material for different schools. and law students have to take it upon themselves to be the ones to choose the material that they want to read. when you’re in law school your professor will give a recommended textbook but it’s up to you if you want to read additional material like me I really made sure to read my son better read notes side by side with codels.

and with the recommended textbook so just because there’s so many large resources. and so many textbooks so many sources of information doesn’t mean you have to read them all don’t think that the more the better.

you shouldn’t bother with trying to read every single material that comes your way in all likelihood moko computers on koa stick to the material. that you know you like and focus on mastering that material for the bar exam especially what’s important is knowing the basics it may not be that way in law school cuz in law school the professors are really trying to test you and like a micro-level.


professors in law school are really testing your knowledge inside out of the law but the bar exam tests you want the basics so it’s a different style. so that brings me to the end of my article. I really hope that this article will give you an idea of what to expect in law school. It’s Halloween but it’s also rewarding. It’s tough but because of that it also makes you tough. There will be moments when you will feel. so defeated but there are also moments where you will feel so triumphant so don’t ever let anyone talk you out of going to law school because it’s difficult it is hard but if you really want it you’ll find a way to make it happen at the end you will see that all the hardships were worth it. so that is really it guys if you.

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