The Realistic Day in my Life of a Law Student / Law School


good morning guys.

i hope you’re well so today is another what i do in a day and i show you around what i do when i’m studying from home because currently if you know the situation is most of us actually sit at home and have online lectures.

so i take you with me how my day looks like and.

what i do as a law student i hope you enjoy.

and let’s start.

i am really tired today so it will be like more like a slowly day .

because i don’t know i’m still not fully awake and i need a little bit more time so but first i drink my coffee and we definitely need to tidy up my desk.

because last night.

it was kind of late so i decided not to tidy up my desk and let everything the way it is but for the new lecture i definitely need to.

tidy up my day get the books ready for my lecture and take a shower get ready and start so.

all right guys i just prepared my desk for the online lecture i will finish my coffee.

and go and get ready and dressed i made myself some breakfast i got green tea.

a mango and avocado toast or more bread with avocado all right it’s nearly 11 online lecture starts at 11 so.

okay guys i just took a break quick and i got some tea because i’m super super tired today and i just go through my online lecture and then i think i take a nap because my concentration is slow i’m tired and yeah.

all right that’s all notes i took during my online lecture now i will sit down and.

go through my notes and see which section.

i need to read in a chapter and actually work on a case as well so it’s on the next step what i will do good morning yes it’s the next day so i didn’t film yesterday and i’ll explain you quick.

so after i.

finished my online lecture i took a nap i was so tired i couldn’t concentrate them.

i thought okay let’s take a nap we had lunch later on we went for a walk i came back and i thought okay let’s make a tea.

put some comfy clothes on and let’s go let’s do another one or two hours and then.

finish the day now i just sit down i write down the date and what i want to study.

and then i didn’t because i didn’t feel right i just watched for another hour some random stuff while i interned then i went for another nap we had dinner then i sat on a sofa was watching my boyfriend how he.

cleaned the whole kitchen and later i went to bed again.

and now it’s the next day so a little quick reality update how much i really study and i like to share with you like.

it’s sometimes yes.

i try to study much but there are days where i just.

can’t i can’t concentrate and i so there’s no point on sitting and torture yourself and try to do something when just can’t and it’s okay and i feel much better today i slept enough i i had enough sleep i feel much much better.

and it’s a new day.

and let’s go oh quick i’ll show you yes i left the desk i didn’t even finish my tea i just i started i had plans i really had plans but.

yes reality.

that’s how it’s really look like okay let’s tidy up all the maths and start.

all right my desk is ready for my new study session i will get some water and also.

i don’t know if i want a coffee i just get water.

we’ll take a break i have some lunch now and i think i watch one series of girl girls and then i continue to study so.

i see you after my life previously on gilmore girls we got married you’re legally married if you’d like to know where i’m at i’m in season four.

episode eleven.

so what you’re saying is.

sounds sound like good things to me oh my god okay.

so it is midnight and i just finished my super readings for tomorrow but i’m very glad that i got through them i am very confused we’re doing eerie and then and like jurisdiction and what that meansfor applying state laws and diversity jurisdiction whatever and it’s very confusing and it’s making my brain hurt um so i’m glad that’s done it’s like 8 50 a.mi have class in 10 minutes and i really don’t want to get out of bed oh my god okay.

good morning happy friday i made it through my 9 a.m.

leader practice citation class i hate sighting on a good day.

not my choice of activity for a friday morning but.

um it was led by our senior judges for the class and they were super nice super helpful so actually quite enjoyed it right now i’m gonna go grab some coffee from starbucks just to them as a treat for getting through the week and also to help me get through the day and then come back and i’m gonna become presentable for the day.

all right so i’m back i’ve got my starbucks.

that’s so good anyways um they were giving out holiday cups which is mostly the reason.

i went okay so i feel.

much more put together i just got my did my makeup got ready for the day um i’m gonna go grab lunch and eat with some friends and then come back and actually do some work today [Music]okay so just got back from lunch um i’ve got about two hours until my next class so we’re going to grind out this outline it’s going to happen i so i tried a new makeup look today and i kind of like it.

so i just finished my sift pro class last house for the day and i got cold called.

and it was terrifying my hands were weirdly sweaty.

but it went really well i think um i i think it went well not to to my own horn but yeah so i got coat on for sip broum i have about an hour before dinner so i’m trying to get some more outlining done.

what else has happened oh i also spilled water on my phone but it’s fine um so friday check in i’mon i’m doing great i’m doing so great cold call.

killed it outlining all right so that’s enough outlining for now.

i’m gonna go grab dinner and then meet up with to my friends to figure out what we’re doing for housing next year it’s kind of stressing me out um so i changed into my super comfy hoodie i just spent like an hour and a halflooking for houses um we reached out to a bunch we’ll see if they.

reply at all um often we reach out and they say that they’ve already leased which is annoying because then just take it off the siteum but yeah so i’m gonna do a little bit of lna tonight and then.


hop to bed i think um because i want to wake up early just have a long work to do tomorrowso yeah we’re going to sleep hello uh happy saturday um i took a quick shower this morning got ready and now i’m ready to take on the day um i think i want to switch things up a little bit this weekend so normally on the weekendsi do my readings for the next week on sunday so on sundays i’ll do my readings for monday and then as much as tuesdays i can get doneand then on saturdays i normally do just general assignments whether if i have a memo.

if i want to outline um just things like that.



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