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if the input variable is 0 then it is not complemented means variable as it is any other not complemented under okay so that. so it is vice versa that’s it okay so now.

we will take with the example example if x equals 0. y equals one set equals one then sometime. so sometimes so how the sum term will be if it is 0 it is not complemented if it is 1 it is complemented so now x r y complement.

so that is the product of sum okay so sorry. sum of product so that we could write it as. x complement y z ether so we’ll write solve one question here so that is. express in the p voice form the boolean function.

f of x y z means that function will contain the three variables okay so our function will get an expression algorithm three variables that is x y and z okay and the truth table for which and the truth table for which is.

as below so he has given the truth table okay for that we need to express. that truth table into the pys form okay so the truth table is.

this so this is the truth table what he has given so in three inputs again ether output bundy than the curtain okay now so for this we need to write the pos form so.

they can know p voice express it this truth table into the pos form so either a py is formic buried by conrad so we need to go with this rule okay so if any the rule prepare the table of input and output.

so solution only so this is hold the question okay. so this is the question what he has given so for the solution again i will write this table so either a table.

okay now so next rule is the second step is now add one. additional column so in on the column add margin. some term is formed by adding all the variable in each complemented are not complemented form.

so complemented are not complemented formally within a variety way by using these variables so even the variable values.

if it is one it is complemented if it is zero it is not complemented okay so now it is.

so zero not complemented all inputs are zero so it is not complemented as it is variable anything okay now so now x r y are z complement the value of z is one here so it is complemented.

okay so now x are y complement r z next x r y complement our z complement next x complement r y r z x complement.

z complement next term x complement r. y complement z next x complement y complement z so all the values are one here. so all are complemented okay now yes so now.

check with the result so f value 0 so our values so we’ll choose so now add the new table so we are multiplying it okay so max terms so i’ll write here so after this table so solution only firstly eatable.

next step after adding okay so after adding one more column of max term match terminal one more. column add made miller next step in bharathira. now by multiplying.

by multiplying the max terms so yao max terms now multiply by co so not all the max terms yellow max terms to multiply material.

only the max terms for the output zero for the output is. zero so yao max omega output zero is so we get the desired product so after multiplying we get.

the desired product. desired product of sum of expression. expression as so in bharta after adding so it is this so i’ll write here so we have terms so it is x r y r z complement x r sorry x.

r y r z complement another one is x r y complement z. complement next.  r y r z complement ok so this is your. max traps this is the canonical form of sop sorry pos. got it so last term before this example we have derived.

the canonical form of sop form so now it is the canonical form of pos product of sum okay so terms now product.

so that is the sum of product okay so that is. the difference pos and sop okay so this is what the solution we have got. for by using the truth table method so truth table method is.

so they’ll have a lot of grants for you if you want to do some research they’ll just give you money to do that most of my internships that i did over the summer were sponsored by stanford like i went to hawaii for one summer i worked on a farm they gave me a stipend for that i did an internship in a biology lab and they gave me.

they gave me a stipend for that i also flew to china to do.

some cool computer science projects and they paid for everything like my food my housing my flight and they’re just very generous but they’re students if you show that you want to do something or have a need for something most likely stanford will give you funding for that.

so that is probably one of the biggest perks of being a stanford student here’s the juicy one how is the food at stanford i would say the food is on the whole pretty good i was actually vegetarian for.

the first two years of college and it was really easy.

within stanford’s dining system to be vegetarian they always had a vegetarian option.

so they definitely have a diversity of food they also in one of the dining halls have a burrito bar which is incredible they have it every single night and one of the dorms serves indian food every sunday they call it it’s flomo and they call it floam indian which is really cool i feel like i don’t have many complaints good job stanford.

have you seen any famous people at stanford hmm.

so i know there’s a lot of like famous people who go to stanford or like kids of famous people who go to stanford but i’ve never personally.

so the last question in this category is i recently got selected for a computer science degree my question is what advice would you give to a fresher like me. oh okay you’re starting out your journey in computer science. i would say good for you for knowing what you want to major in.

as a freshman because i actually did not declare. until my junior year i think my advice to you would be.

there may be some times where you feel like. you can’t make it through or this assignment’s just too hard. or this major is too hard but stick with it.

you’ll get through it and it’s going to be totally fine and i believe in you okay those are all the questions in the computer science category and now the last category is going to be questions about stanford so the first one is do you like stanford well.


the answer is yes i love stanford and that’s why i’ve stuck around for so many years it comes down to a few things for me the first thing is like i was saying before just the friends you meet so many amazing people and friends that you will stay friends with for life the second is stanford has a lot of monetary support for whatever you want to do.

okay now so these are the max terms so max term cell now p o s formula use multiple whereas in a minterm will follow with the sop form of canonical.

expression okay so we’ll stop here so in the today’s class we have discussed the canonical expressions that is.

the sop form and the pos forms okay thank you.


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