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hey everyone how are you all so uh we are again back to the form and uh we have come here to first of all congratulate you.

people who have completed their exam and you know very confident about if they are going to clear it and we are happy for the people who have really worked hard and finally.

were able to give the exam this year jogging are impossible.

but literally government has made it maybe after not after six months but after 11 months they made it and so uh today we have come up for this video to.

tell you about uh our further you know plans.

and for the sessions which we will be going.

because for some of the websites and for some of the uh.

institutes it’s very easy to say here up three months be complete cursor but trust me he is just labeled say it cannot be covered in three months and that’s why we are here to tell you guys.

so um i would like that he wants you to begin up with few things and let.

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so that approximate idea you can get it uh they will uh release the official keys.

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coming out of the memory like this stream will work with the files each stream is associated with a particular class okay every stream is associated with its particular class if a class has taken ok then if we are using stream with that class then that scheme is associated with that particular class just like i will give you an example you are the students of second team okay and there are two streams one is commerce stream another one is science history but both are second names okay but classes are different one class is of science and another class is of commerce then you are the students it means you are the programs.

who are belong to commerce history then they are the students like they are the programs who belong to science stream but both the classes of same program that is second busy hope you might have understood now which contains member functions and definitions for dealing with that particular kind of data flow okay each class is associated each stream is associated with its particular class and that class contains member functions and its definition member function [Music] and definitions definitions of that class for what to deal with the particular kind of data flow if a stream is related to one particular kind of data we will take it as input data that is data is flowing into the memory if a stream is associated with data flow in the memory then the class which is associated with that stream will contain the member functions and.

dear students in the previous class we have discussed about an introduction about your chapter that is data file and but in our today’s class we are coming to the point here different types of files are given and which are the files included in these ones which are the sub files are included in these files and what are the types of files and what are the functionings of each type of file.
so about these things now we are going to discuss the first thing here is f stream garbage header file give stream just like how you were using your stream dot h comma u dot dot are your magic dot h s t d lib dot x std io dot x math dot x string dot h and so on different types of header files you will use in c plus plus and the same way here f string dot h is also a header phi and what is the working of this head of five what are the functions of this data file you may notice in my previous class i have explained the c in.
and c out are the input and output statements c out will be called as console output statement and c in will be called as console input statement so for using this type of statements especially we will use f stream dot h header commissions the c plus plus input and output operations the operations which are used for input and output in seamlessness ah these operations are similar to the law very much similar to the console input and output operations just like see in they are similar [Music] the file operations they are input output whatever it may be but the operations of file okay the operations of file okay as an interface interface means a link between the two things interface between the programs with .

please feel free to message us and we’ll try to help you all the solutions right yeah okay so at the end we both would like to say one thing.

an object object is a instance of class classes and objects we have discussed object means it is an instance just like a blueprint of a class okay so a stream is an object it is an object where programs can okay it is the object your programs can be either insert or extract characters to or from it this means stream is an object where program can either insert characters into it or program can either extract characters from it this is called as a stream okay so this stream is used under f stream dot under fc dot h two more types of.

link or we we can call it as it is like a bridge between the programs and the files okay then now come to the point what is mean by this stream why they are using stream here in fstring.h okay stream means a stream is an object it is

so happy diwali and stay safe be healthy take care of your health and your family.


which is really important than anything else and please prepare for the exam not before the two months but before the eight months thank you so much thank you so much.

thank you thank you.


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