How and why i decided to go to law school


oh stepped on a cat or almost stepped on a cat.

gave the cat the feeling as if he was about to be stepped on hello welcome back to my website if you are new here my name is taylor i post all sorts of article but mostly centered around law school and fitness things so if either of those two.

are things that you are interested in seeing in you can hit that down below it’s probably on the opposite side of the screen because it’s i’m always pointing to the wrong side this is a video that was requested and i realized as when i got the request that it was kind of weird that i haven’t done one and basically this is going to be a video kind of chronicling why i decided to.

go to law school um like at what point i made that decision how long i’ve known whatever that whole backstory it’s gonna be this video um i was gonna do like one long backstory video and then i realized that there’s like very distinct can you not.

originally i was gonna make one big backstory video just like life story and then i realized that there’s a lot of like moving parts and a lot of different stories so like.

at some point i will do a separate video talking about my fitness journey specifically.

but it felt weird to try to tie in law school things with fitness things in the same like timeline because there’s a lot of things that like how do you do that do you go like in chronological order.

or do you do something weird i don’t know so there’s just a lot to keep track of.

um trying to keep up with like two different moving storylines so we’re getting two separate videos that link will be coming eventually but for now this is just largely about law school so.

first time i decided i wanted to go to law school i was in seventh grade seventh grade yes um and it was mostly because i needed to pick a career path for a paper.

and i thought doctor and lawyer were my only options basically.

i don’t know i don’t know why so i i picked lawyer um.

and kind of held on to that one for a little bit and then by the time i got to high school i went totally different i thought i was going to be pre-med in high school like all of my.

high school credentials were like very very like i’m gonna go to med school based i uh was in like.

the like pre-health sciences club uh did a lot of very very science-based uh.

focus in high school just helpful i didn’t have to take a single science class in college.

but did all of that.

in high school and then got to my senior year of high school and my senior year of high school i uh interned basically at a pediatrician’s office.

and realized that absolutely not it was just not.

my thing at all and looking back it’s very funny to think that i ever thought it could be my thing uh.

not um so.

in the midst of applying for college did a full about face i had applied to college with.

basically this idea that i would do you know uh political science or international affairs major but like be pre-med because i thought that’d be cool so basically then what i did is i dropped.

the pre-med part and i just went in uh as.

an international affairs major and that was it um.

and then kind of as i was showing up to orientation in my freshman year of college um.

i was told you can graduate in two years with all your ap.

credits that you’re coming in with and i didn’t like that one bit.

uh so i know people some people were like very much like i want to get i want to graduate early i want to get out of things and i’m.

very much not that type of person um both with high school and with college i like intentionally.

even though i could have graduated early if i wanted to like very intentionally made the decision to get all four years because.

those were both like both things that you could only do once like you’ll only experience high school for four years once in your life you’ll only experience undergrad once.

for four years in your life and so i was not in any mood to rush either of those things.

so through all majors um and so in undergrad ended up with this collection of international affairs public relations and econ as.

my majors and for the first probably year and a half absolutely no idea what i was going to do with that i just had these.

courses and i was taking them because i was interested in the topics that they were.

covering but genuinely no purpose to them whatsoever.

and then i just.

literally out of the blue uh kind of remembered my like middle school aspirations uh.

probably watched legally blonde once or twice and then was like actually you know what law school does make sense um and so started thinking about that again.

can you not please and so i started thinking about that again.

and started kind of doing research and looking into it more.

and decided after my second year that law school was something i was interested in and so here i was i had made a decision like cool i’m going to go to law school.

genuinely had no idea what i meant by that knew.

kind of picked it because i knew i wanted to do some sort of advanced education.

and it just there was nothing else um beyond.

that that really like stuck out to me as something that i would be interested in doing.

for the rest of my life um and then proceeded to.

so my undergrad had a requirement that all.

uh journalism school majors had to take a class.

on communication law which.

most people hated uh because they were in school to do journalism or public relations or advertising were like not at all interested in law but basically this class was like how to not get sued for libel.

and i found it fascinating like i loved it.

so much i loved like being able to read a court’s arguments.

um and why they reasoned.

one way in one case in one a different way in another and i found it fascinating i found it so interesting that they were kind of building the law based on all these reasons.

and all of the ways that.

different facts led to different outcomes and i just thought that was fantastic i thought it was super cool i love first amendment stuff.

uh and so that was kind of the icing on the cake for my decision that we’re gonna go to law school because it uh it kind of cemented this kind of vague idea.

that i was like hey i might enjoy this and to like no i actually enjoy this so with that being said big recommendation if you’re an undergrad and your school offers any sort of legal courses.

take them not just because you know they’ll look good on a transcript to law school.

because they will show you if you like that sort of.

material if you like that sort of model of thinking because i don’t think it is for everyone and i think that there are a lot of people who get to law school and realize that maybe that’s not exactly.

uh what they’re interested in and so getting kind of that in underground and finding a way to like test that in undergrad and see if that’s what you’re into.

good do it uh so that was basically fossil fuels for my junior year i kind of cemented that decision to go to law school.

then after that my uh spring semester of my junior year i studied abroad that was when i first started my blog uh as a kind of way of talking about my study abroad experiences and then obviously.

it has shifted and expanded so many times and now we’re here.

but uh that was kind of where it started and then i.

was only there for the first uh oxford terms are weird and they’re only eight weeks long and so i was only there for eight weeks instead of a full 15 week semester so i got back early and that’s when i did my studying for the lsat.

did my studying in march and then took it in june of my junior year which is a bit earlier i think that a lot of people took it.

but that’s what worked for me uh i picked that.

very much based on the way that i knew i would have availability to study and so kind of going along with all of this mess of things i had.

a lot of internships in undergrad that kind of shaped my.

you know work career and all of that my first real internship that i would say like shaped my.

direction going forward was the summer of 2017 so it was the summer right after i took the lsat and i entered for the national organization for women so i had decided.

basically in the aftermath of the 2016 election that.

i wanted to work to some extent in politics and so i had both this i want to do something with law and i want to do something with politics so i kind of you know wanting to bring those two together but just kind of started off.

in my undergrad time using the skills that i already did have so i didn’t have legal experience in undergrad obviously other than you know that one class but i did.

have all of my public relations experience so i started working for political organizations and interning with them doing tasks related to things that i already had skills for when i was there i was working on a lot of different.

like writing related things and like uh projects related to event planning and all of that stuff.

i will say however um.

the now experience was a very strange one.

um and you can probably go find on the internet.

uh what happened this summer of 2017.

we’re not going to get into it in this video but if you want a.

weird time on the internet please go look it up please go look up their conference of 2017.

strange uh and.

very uncomfy so but then after that also did.

a similar sort of position where i was doing a lot of like communication event planning stuff.

for a domestic violence organization in athens and then.

worked at the carter center in atlanta the spring of my senior year also still doing you know communication writing based stuff.

and this is more on like a broader like global human rights.

and women’s issues so kind of all of these things are feeding into this same general interest.

area then we have postgrad so i finish those three degrees we’re done and i knew.

so i hadn’t applied to law school my senior year because i knew from the very beginning that i wanted to take a gap year i knew.

that i needed some time.

away from school uh to.

just uh do something else for a little bit and kind of i was very.

burnt out and i could feel it and i don’t think i would have done as well in law school.

i say that like pretending i know what my final grades are going to even be for the first semester which i don’t get but i don’t think i would have gone into law school like feeling as like energetic and motivated as i do now so very much.

enjoyed that gap year i did a whole video that i will throw up somewhere in the talk here about why i took a gap year uh and.

kind of all of my thoughts about it but anyways did that took a gap year and so in the.

fall of 2018 was working for an organization that was like specifically related to the election was specifically related to certain um senate and governor races across the country started off there.

doing what i thought i was going to be doing was a lot more of the same so doing a lot of like communications advertising based up because they weren’t advertising.

we were doing a lot of ads.

the way that this position worked i was able to like you know sample a little bit from every single department uh and weirdly enough.

really fell in with the analytics department so i had some very baseline analytics experience from.

undergrad because my school’s economics department had like an econometrics course and so i did a lot of uh quantitative data analysis uh for my thesis in econ and so had a little bit of knowledge and that apparently just.

something in my brain just like really likes that way of thinking and so did that at that position and then had that ended after the 2018 election obviously uh because it’s a campaign-paced position and so then i had a little bit of free time where i was just like floating around uh just living in dc trying to get a job had a nice you know few months of unemployment uh.

and then started working at the place that i ended up working for a year and a half.

and was doing more data stuff so a lot of very data-heavy work and also still stayed within the political sector and that was that was it um and started working there realized i had applied to law schools in the fall had started getting acceptances and uh kind of knew where i was going to go and knew that washi was going to be my pick.

and then realized that i wasn’t ready to leave yet.

and called wash you and ask them to let me defer.

and very fortunately they let me defer both my.

admission and my scholarship so we did that and i stayed in dc for an extra year.

and then now i’m here that’s my whole long back story yeah if you have any like more specific questions about any of those experiences that i mentioned uh feel free to hit me up there’s a down below and also you know i exist on other social media platforms anyways that’s the end of this video i hope you enjoyed it i hope.


uh if you are anywhere along the journey uh you might have found this helpful uh give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it if you want to see more from me hit the but i gotta figure out a new phrase now because it’s not i’ll see you next week for another new video.

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