First Day Of Work as a Lawyer (Law School)


good morning you guys welcome back to another vlog.

my name is grace if you’re new here and today’s my first day of work as a lawyer and you’re probably looking at me.

like this girl’s a lawyer in that outfit without acne she is she is that she is but she’s tired i’ll tell you that i haven’t.

had to really like wake up in you know a pretty long time.

so i try to get up at six because i have some work i need to do before i leave but that just did not happen and we slept with the window open last night and it got so cold.

i was frigid when i woke up so i had coffee i drank my coffee in bed while the heat was.

pumping to make it not four degrees in this house.

and it’s 7 40 and i’m finally getting ready.

it was so cold this morning we slept with the window open i woke up at like five.

and i closed it she said john there’s some little. flower needs to be cleaned it doesn’t push on anymore because it’s clogged. every change has a reason baby let it come to you. every soul every season. lives outside a status quo.

is behind the clouds we just have to believe it.

that we can make the sun come out let us lose.

all ourselves now it’s 8 40. i finished getting ready i had to film a little thing for instagram.

for a sponsored post and then i had to do another thing.

for a future sponsored video i got dressed so i’ll show you my alpha actually i’ll show my offer before i leave.

i need to get my blazer out of the car i legitimately have no food to bring because saturday was my bridal shower so all of saturday i was really busy and then sunday i was violently hungover.

so yeah i just didn’t have time to do anything useful yesterday we did clean a lot and stuff but.

we didn’t go food shopping so i do not have anything but i got this mr coffee iced.

coffee maker on thursday at target so basically it just brews like really concentrated coffee so that when it gets poured over the ice. it you know evens it out it’s pretty good. i don’t know all right i’m just gonna leave now.

finally um this is my outfit of the day shirt is from lulu’s jacket is from lulu’s. pants are j crew shoes are expressed in this bag i got a tj maxx years ago which is like the perfect.

work bag i don’t have like much to bring today. um i’m gonna you know decorate my desk i have to get my diplomas framed and hang those up so. eventually i’ll do that but not today because i don’t have. the time or whatever.

i’ll just like order stuff off amazon to put in my office i don’t even care all right i’m here my first day of work i always wonder like if my boss was to watch this would they be embarrassed for me. to be doing this or what. gotta find my mask.

i parked in the street and it’s only two hour parking so clearly i’m not gonna be able to park here for.

longer than two hours but that begs the question where does one park all right let’s go first day of work it’s actually funny because chelsea has her first day of work today too she’s a nurse if you don’t listen to the podcast so big days for both of us but i will talk to you either after work if i go on a lunch break when i park my car somewhere else which is so unfortunate to think i have to come back out here because it’s really crappy weather but.

all right guys my first day of work is done it’s six o’clock.

i haven’t talked to you all day i’ve just been.

working away obviously i mean can’t vlog at work but.

for lunch i just went to this pizza place nearby.

with one of my co-workers and i just ate at the office um busy day just learning everything i mean it’s pretty much a brand new area of law for me even though i did title insurance and i did.

some other related things it really is like the opposite.

end so everything basically is we’re new so it’s almost like.

learning everything from the start which is fine because.

my boss is really great and obviously he knows that and everyone i work with knows that so they’re just like teaching me you know like your first day at work you’re always like oh i don’t want to like be a bother and like ask for this ask for that and.

you know a quarter of a mile george washington bridge.

jesus christ i didn’t want to be like hey can someone like get.

the water thing because the water cooler was empty.

so i’m so thirsty guys you guys know i drink like a gallon of water a day i’m gonna like pass away i’m so thirsty so i have to go home and chug some water keep left by two ninety five can you shut up like ma’am.

i haven’t moved dog all right i’m gonna go home and drink.

tons and tons of water eat and then i have to do a lot of work for youtube because um i forgot basically.

so home just gonna hang up my clothes i don’t wash my blazers every time i wear them.

i usually don’t even wear my blazer like most of the day.

certainly don’t wash my coat every day but i am going to change out of this outfit i literally feel like my big toe is broken whenever i wear heels for an extended period of time it really feel feels like my.

toes are broken what did i do with my phone i’m in such.

now i feel like i can talk to you guys because i’m home i have a little sweatshirt on have a little rose i love how last night i was like i’m not gonna drink this week i’m not doing it 12 hours later i.

absolutely need to upload this video i don’t even know what to link i probably in the videos like i’ll link this i’ll link that and then i just don’t link anything.

these days because i’ve just been so busy there are some non-negotiables when i’m editing like things i have to do before.

uploading such as the description box well no the title obviously end screen monetization i like to delete a lot of ads if you leave the ads on like the automatic setting there’s literally like 100.

so jessie made brown rice and vegetables i made these cauliflower thins turkey burgers we got these really nice champagne um well they’re technically gold i don’t know why it’s called champagne but utensils from target from our registry we got these cool square bowls so.

i’m going to choose um a cardboard box from our large collection of cardboard boxes.

i’m just gonna find some stuff to put on my desk at work.

for now until i move.

to my permanent desk office so there’s no room for all my diplomas and.

things right now at my desk plus i don’t even have them.

framed if you watched me last year when i worked in the city i always had these at my desk they’re just cute um or office whatever once i move to my permanent office i’ll like get my diplomas framed and.

keep things for my desk and whatever i’m not gonna buy anything right now just because my desk is.

rather small at the moment it’s 8 25. i just.

edited this video which isn’t actually going up tomorrow i just have to send it to my manager because it’s sponsored i wanted to make sure i got that done today so i can edit my.

wednesday vlog tomorrow but now i’m going to take a shower and someone commented on one of my videos that i have an upward inflection in my voice in every other sentence which now when i speak i’m very self-conscious of that and i don’t speak this way in real life i only speak this way on camera it’s like my camera voice because people used to tell me i was too monotone and now i do talk like this and now that’s a problem so i’m very self-conscious of the way i’m speaking right now so if i’m speaking really slow or something it’s because i’m very self-conscious so thank you to whoever commented that i hope you know it made my day.

i already picked out my outfit for tomorrow so i’m just wearing this black long sleeve and these h m pants both of which need to be.

steamed or ironed but i certainly don’t want to do that now.

but my skin you guys when i got into the office today was.

so friggin dry of course it’s super oily now.

but my face was so dry all day i forgot how dry my face can get in an office you know just offices have very very super dry filtered air and office lighting is never good for me either i just looked like garbage all day but i do listen to podcasts in the shower now because i just get so bored in there and i know that’s like so bad like i should have some time where i’m not.

taking in some content but i just like to listen to a podcast.

in the shower sue me.

oh you know what i just thought about tomorrow i have to edit.

my video for wednesday and i have to edit the podcast.

why do i do this to myself.

i don’t think i’ve ever been uglier um all right i just finished editing and uploading that.

i’m just waiting for it to upload for like two more minutes and then i’m gonna watch some youtube videos go to bed it’s nine o’clock.

i’m gonna try to wake up early er tomorrow so that i can.

either at least edit like some of the podcast or some of tomorrow’s videos so i don’t have to do both when i get home because i would love to just get home tomorrow.

and not have to do anything it’s always around this time of year.

like october november december where things really pick up.


sponsorship-wise because a lot of companies have like a bigger budget for around the holidays so.

i have more sponsored work to do i have to teach chelsea how to edit the podcast so that we can split that responsibility because right now it’s just me editing because.

i’m still learning and i have to go brush my teeth.

and i’m probably just going to go to bed i may or may not continue this vlog until tomorrow.


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