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Hey today I am writing a shoumik here. I am talking about here Top 10 Computer Science and Gaming Schools.

1. American Sentinel University

American Sentinel University is meant to help students achieve their personal and occupational goals, maximizing a Return on Learning. American Sentinel University’s Bachelor’s of Science, Computer Science, Game Programming Specialization program (BSCS-GP) combines the broad knowledge of computer science and the specialized focus on game programming to provide a unique, valuable educational experience. The program offers graduates the ability to enter all levels of the computer science field while still maintaining a focus on their interest in game development, so that career options are both ideal and versatile.

2. DeVry University

A full time student can earn a bachelor’s degree in Game Simulation and Programming from DeVry University in as little as three years. DeVry offers one of the only programs of its kind with a gaming degree that draws from over seventy-five years of history as one of the national leaders of technology education.

3. University of Phoenix

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at University of Phoenix has a broad range of possibilities, although many students take electives to focus on game development experience. The degree includes learning about software, hardware, network operation and digital design.

4. American InterContinental University

American InterContinental University has been offering quality education for nearly four decades, and their game design program is no exception. The AIU Bachelors of Fine Arts in Game Design and Development focuses on the tools students need to succeed in a cutting-edge field. Experience things hands-on as well as learn the principles of game design theory as students work on projects that mimic the actual work environment they are aiming towards.

5. Rasmussen College

For over a century, Rasmussen College has been part of the study of science, acting as one of the first colleges to step into the technology field. Students learn everything there is to know about gaming technology with Java, C++, Direct X and OpenGL and how to integrate these into both story development and 3D gaming interfaces.

6. Kaplan University

With over six decades of history teaching students the skill sets for their ideal career, Kaplan University was one of the first eager colleges to take over the online education industry. Not only do they excel in online education, but they are established across the United States with over seventy-five campuses, further stressing their credibility. Kaplan’s online IT programs offer thorough, interactive education that is tailored around your schedule for your convenience. Apply one of their IT programs to game development by narrowing your choice of study.

7. ECPI College of Technology

ECPI has a thorough online degree program backed by eleven campuses across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. They offer a degree in computer science that can be used broadly or focused on gaming, as well as degrees in networking, software development, and electronics. A degree with ECPI is a degree that leads to success.

8. Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division

The Art Institute of Pittsburg offers several online degree and diploma programs, one of them being in Visual and Game Programming. Pursuing this creative degree opens the doors to many careers as students learn fundamentals in art, mathematics, science, computer engineering, and computer graphics. After students gain ample experience, they create prototype games in a group environment, simulating an actual job in game design. Graduates are prepared for seeking entry-level positions with their own portfolio, aiming towards things such as digital artistry, character animators, texture artistry, and character modelers.

9. Westwood College

Westwood college offers twenty-six online diplomas, associates and bachelor’s degree programs, ranging from Business Adminstration to Criminal Justice to–you guess it–Game Art and Design. At Westwood College, game design and development students spend 136.5 of their 193.5 credit hours focusing on the core of gaming development, immediately diving from general education into the exciting world of game design. In addition, the general education is focused on students learning critical thinking, logic, communication, and problem solving skills that are integral to their selected job environment.

10. Baker College Online

Baker College Online, located in Michigan, is a branch of the Baker College network founded in 1911. The Baker College Online branch offers forty-three degree options, including a bachelor’s in computer science. The computer science degree is designed to immerse students in the fundamentals of software engineering as well as emphasize on gaming development. The comprehensive approach carries a student from modeling to animation to programming, with a senior year design project.


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