10 reasons why you should major in cognitive science 2020

Hi everyone, My name is shoumik Welcome back to my website. So a lot of you guys seem to like my cognitive science articles So here I am, riding that high, and giving you guys other cognitive science articles.

I promise that my website is not entirely cognitive science specific but given that I do want to give you guys useful and informational content, I thought making these cognitive science post’s sort of align with the theme of my website.

If you guys want a more thorough explanation of what cognitive science is, I’ll have it up here and I’ll link it for you guys.

If you guys want to have an understanding of what types of classes you’ll take as a cognitive science major, I also write an article about all of the classes that I took when I was studying this at UC Berkeley.

10 reasons why you should major in cognitive science

And so in this blog, I’m going to be focusing on the top 10 reasons why you should major in cognitive science.

Just a disclaimer that all of the information that I say in this article depends largely on my experience and what I’ve learned when I was in school and, of course, schools differ across the board different programs, different professors and stuff like that so, I just want to make sure that you guys take note of that Okay, and so without further ado, let’s get started.

first reasoncognitive science

So the first reason why you should major in cognitive science is because it offers a whole lot of diverse job opportunities when you graduate from college!

In cognitive science, you learn a lot about computer science and so you can definitely be something like a software engineer if you major in this.

We also have a good portion of our curriculum focused on neurobio so it’s definitely also a pre-med track if you want to go that route or you can also go into bio research or any neuro, psych, cogsci research.

We also have a great deal of classes focused on sociology which means you can be a social worker or a teacher even if you wanted to And then that’s not even to mention all of the different combinations that you can have So for example, if you combine psychology and computer science, you get to tap into the UI/UX side of technology which is user interface/user experience I personally know a lot of people who graduated with a cognitive science degree and are now UI/UX designers at major tech companies across the globe!

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So I definitely think that a lot of the classes that you learn as a cognitive science major will equip you with the skills and knowledge that you need to go into a variety of job experiences after grad.

second reason

And the second reason why I think you should major in cognitive science is because the classes are a lot less competitive.

And that’s pretty awesome, I think, considering that you’ll still be considered for a lot of competitive jobs out of college.

So, for example, with the software engineering job, usually those are the most coveted types of jobs but if you’re not into being in a class that’s like, 2000 students even if you, for example, want to go into business and you’re not really into being in a class filled with a lot of business students, which have a bad rap for being snakes

then cognitive science is definitely a good alternative Also, I realized that a lot of people in my classes tend to be more chill.

Every single one of my classes in cognitive science was never curved, meaning that how other people perform in the class does not impact your grade in the class whatsoever.

I’m comparing it to my computer science classes where, like I said before, it was like 2000 students and I feel like everyone is always on the grind because coding, and programming, and those types of classes all tend to be a lot more demanding.

Cognitive science classes are definitely a lot chiller and a lot less competitive so it’s definitely less pressurizing in my opinion.

third reasoncognitive science

The third reason why you should major in cognitive science is because the classes are easily applicable to the real world.

You know that feeling when you’re in school and you’re like reading a textbook or something and then you’re just like “Why do I ever need to know this?”

I feel like I’ve experienced less of those moments when I was studying cognitive science.

It’s because 90% of the concepts you learn is about humans and explaining why humans behave the way they do.

And so I found that you really see the concepts that you learn about in textbooks in the real world.

So, for example, in my class called Psychology of Sleep, we really learned about the benefits of sleep and how that impacts your neurological health.

So that kind of encouraged me to sleep earlier and not pull all-nighters in college.

I’m totally just saying that to mask the fact that I’m a grandma anyway and I can’t function without less than 8 hours of sleep.

And in my class Social Psychology, we learned about you know, behavior in frats and sororities or how to influence people and the optimal conditions to influence people so, that’s very useful Even in my introduction class, called CogSci 1 That is the Introduction to Cognitive Science class so it’s literally the bare, bare bones of what cogsci is we learned about the way memory works and what is the optimal environment to retain the concepts that you learn in lectures.

So it’s definitely real-world applicable and it’s not one of those classes where you’re gonna forget all the skills once you graduate.

fourth reason

My fourth reason is that cognitive science actually has a lot of easier classes because it relies on memorization. Actually, this could be a downside, it depends on how you study but me personally, I definitely find things like science a lot easier, because you learn about the way things work and then you memorize them, and then you basically get tested on what you remember.

I like these classes a lot more than just application-based things so things like math and computer science because I feel like math and computer science, they definitely teach you a lot more of the foundations and then they want to test how those things that you learned can be applied in other situations.

So I definitely enjoyed this (memorization) aspect a lot more but of course, that just depends on you and the best way that you learn.

fifth reason

My fifth reason is that cognitive science is not boring, meaning that because you’re taking a lot of different classes from a lot of different departments each class is sort of structured a little differently.

So for example, for your CS classes, you’re going to be coding things and building things so those classes definitely differ from other classes like psychology, where you have to really read and analyze research papers. And I feel like those psychology classes are a lot more different than classes like linguistics, where you have to do more hands-on practice every single week.

So just naming from those three fields, computer science, psychology, and linguistics all of those already have such different ways of studying so I definitely feel like you are equipped with a lot of different learning styles and you’re just never bored, you know?

You’ll never just sit down and do readings for 3 or 4 of your classes straight. Each of your classes will have different (types of) work and assignments and so I think that makes the whole program a lot more interesting.

sixth reasoncognitive science

My sixth reason is that it’s not hard to finish the program early. So for me, personally, I actually graduated early from Berkeley, with a cognitive science degree, I graduated in three years. And I think the reason for this is because a lot of the classes in cognitive science are not as demanding and so it’s kind of easier to stack up a lot of classes in one semester and get all of your units done.

But if you don’t want to graduate early, then that also means you have plenty of time to major in something else to get a minor, to get a certificate, or to study abroad.

A caveat to this is that, because cognitive science classes are so interdisciplinary, you do get a lot of classes from different departments which often give priority to those students first.

So what I mean by that is that, a lot of cognitive science classes in Berkeley come from the psychology department, and psychology departments typically give priority to psychology students and because psychology classes are pretty popular already it definitely requires a lot of meticulous schedule planning if you do end up want to end up graduating early because you need to account for some backup classes in the case that you don’t get the one that you want.

seventh reason

My seventh reason is that you have a freer schedule.

So for my cognitive science classes, usually we would only have lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I would have a discussion on Monday or Wednesday.

And that is such a blessing compared to other classes where you have lectures every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then you have another discussion in between those days There’s definitely been several semesters at UC Berkeley where I literally have no classes on Friday and even if I did have a class on Friday, I would be able to manipulate my schedule enough that my classes on Friday would end pretty early.

And so I would just get a head start on my weekend which is super awesome.

So yeah! It’s just always nice, you know when you have a 3-day weekend every single weekend for your entire semester. That’s like a pretty good pro in my opinion.

eighth reason

My eighth reason is that cognitive science broadens your understanding of the world.

Cognitive science is a science so you do analyze discrete, scientific facts about the way things work around you. I definitely had a greater appreciation for science and all of the research that has been done in order to sort of decode what happens in our brains and drives us to do the things that we do.

So if you’re a curious individual, you’re definitely going to enjoy this major.

If you’re very, you know, sitting down at 2am in your room just wondering how babies acquire language, how we learn then this is the major for you because you’re gonna learn a lot.

ninth reason

My ninth reason is that you develop a greater sense of empathy.

So like I said before, our classes are essentially about humans and the way that we behave. So I found that if you understand why humans behave the way that they do, the more likely you are to accept them.

The classes that were completely mind-blowing and I feel like I changed my life are my classes called developmental psychopathology and social psychology, which I mentioned before.

Developmental psychopathology, which essentially studies when our brains don’t function the way they’re supposed to and so we study a lot about mental illnesses and the roots from that from childhood and the roles that our environment and our genetics play in our neurophysiological functioning, basically and in my class social psychology, At the end of the semester we talked a lot about prejudice and racism and the ways that we can combat that if we encounter it in the real world.

And so I definitely feel like these classes helped me grow as a person and helped me understand that you know, some people just don’t think the way that you do and you shouldn’t expect them to.

last reason

And my last reason is that it’s a super relevant major Especially today, in the 21st century!

Technology is super advanced, and we have smart things nowadays like smartphones, smart homes. Because, these technologies are sort of positioned in a way to improve human lives and the only way to improve human lives is to understand the way humans live or just to understand the way human (minds) work and that’s essentially what cognitive science is.

I feel like, given the rate at how fast the world is transforming, it’s pretty important to look to the future.

And so I definitely feel like cognitive science is one of those fields that will NOT become obsolete anytime soon. Okay, and so that’s it. Those are the ten reasons why I think you should major in cognitive science. If you’re not convinced yet, or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them down in the comments below.


I’ll make sure to get to them. And if you have any other suggestions for me like other cognitive science things you want to hear about or if you’re into more career-related things or more general college advice, also leave them down in the comments below. I’ll definitely write an article for it if you guys think that it’ll be helpful. That being said, thank you so much for reading this article. and I’ll see you guys in the next blog post.

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