First Day Of Work as a Lawyer (Law School)

Introduction good morning you guys welcome back to another vlog. my name is grace if you’re new here and today’s my first day of work as a lawyer and you’re probably looking at me. like this girl’s a lawyer in that outfit without acne she is she is that she is but she’s tired i’ll … Read more

Top and best Lawyer tips – ultimate guideline about law school 2020


Introduction hey guys my name is shoumik and I’m a lawyer practicing corporate and energy “law school” in the Philippines. so onto another law related article I really wanted to write an article¬† that would have been helpful to me back. when I was entering law school. I really want this article to be something … Read more

Best sources of english in law on order of importance 2020


if you guys are interested to know if you have to be good in English to go to law school then keep on watching. hi guys welcome to jobeducationbd. I’m shoumik and I’m a corporate lawyer in the Philippines. Introduction I’ve been receiving some recurring questions about certain topics certain topics on law school or … Read more