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Fancher wants to give his law school study tips as well that Y will always lead you back to your meetings and back to law school.

These are my law school study tips 

thank you this is a venture he wants to give his law school tips as well. we’re so killed you know what I heard some law schools nowadays have stress relief programs and the students are allowed to bring their dogs better therapy dogs for law school like my brother Nathaniel.

has brought our family pug – Anthony alone they call it for school that would have to be the best of ever okay man. I have to get to the real tips now bye hi guys welcome to my website.

I’m Shoumik. I’m a corporate lawyer in the Philippines okay, so ever since I started my website which was not too long ago around four months ago you guys have been asking for recitation and study tips.

I’m actually so happy that a lot of you guys who watch me are going to be lawyers in the future so hello future colleagues in the legal profession. I think a good thing about this whole website community is that there really are a lot of tips and tricks that you can get off of the internet these days like back when.

I was a law student not too long ago again in the época that you got his back when. I was a law student there were no relatable sources of information about the world loss will experience like my only source of what law school was really like was number one from my dad because.

learn more information with legal education.

I got lawyers shop but you know he graduated around 1974 from UB law so let you mean Dean Aaron aw my experiences yeah and number two Pro upperclassmen and that’s not like I would get to talk to those upperclassmen a lot it’s a number one in become big hello who’s and number three busied in celle with their own law school experience so what happened so telecon. I hit the ground running in law school like so many others so one of the good things about websites is that I get to reach a lot of you and articles.

I do exactly that. I am going to be giving you guys some law school studying tips. These steps are based on my own experience as a student of the UB College of Law. I graduated in 2012 from law school.

Of Course  it’s a very personal discipline and you guys may already have your own study style that works for you so my study tips that I’m going to tell you in this post may not necessarily work for you.

conversely your study tips may not work for me but it wouldn’t let me need a paga at all ever.

Well on this McMaster support. So, yeah I do have a lot of tips to share with you so let’s just get into the blog these are my law school study tips so my first tip is to plan your study schedule for that day and to stick to that schedule. Why do I say plan your study schedule in the morning before you start your day or the night before and not like a week or a month in advance. it’s because you only know how many hours you will have to study based on the coverage assigned by the professor during the previous meeting.

sure yeah professors do give you an outline at the beginning of the semester which lists everything that you will take up in class during that semester.

But, they will only assign the coverage for the next meeting during the previous meeting.

So, the professor will not say at the start of the semester okay class for each meeting we’re going to take twenty codal provisions and thirty cases. In short the coverage changes every single meeting so what I’m saying is it’s impossible to predict in advance what your coverage will be for the next meeting.

unto the professor says that this is the coverage as a consequence it’s also impossible to predict your spotty skin. so let’s say that you know your professor already told you the coverage for your next meeting. so what you do is to take a look at the assigned readings literally look at the stack of paper that you have been assigned the Browse the Codel permissions assigned just to see how long and how complex the coverage is and then depending on how long and how difficult the readings are then you allow your study time accordingly.

For example if it’s a major subject like obligations and contracts.

you will want to go a lot like maybe four or five hours of your night studying it followed by say one and a half hours of studying a minor subject like legal theory so once you’ve set your study schedule for the day.

followers otherwise perfect appendix scheduled about the point here is that before you dive headfirst into studying you always have to take a step back and see how long and complex or how short and simple is there such a thing as simple in law school.

But, anyway you have to see how long or how short your coverage for the day is in my heated up life you start studying without knowing exactly how long or how complex.

the coverage is otherwise you’re just running into the unknown without knowing. where you’re gonna stop so take a step back assess your readings and see how long you’re going to have to study.

okay my second tip is to always aim to finish the coverage in law school. More is always better. Let’s say you’ve been assigned 20 cases for your political law class and always aim to finish reading all of those 20 cases even. if it’s on a more superficial level you know even. if your understanding of those 20 cases isn’t as in-depth as you would like it’s always better that you can recite the basics of those 20 cases which you finished rather than you being able to give a very very detailed in-depth recitation for ten cases visit 10 cases Lemieux Dukakis moombas ahead knowing the basics of 20 cases.

It’s always better than knowing every little detail of ten cases an anomaly is SO when your professor calls another student to recite for those ten cases that you’ve read that wasn’t in unit opposition letter 10 cases another man yet say oh what Nakamura recite at all for the last ten cases Cassini miss elaina tacos that is an automatic flunking grade.

which you have to avoid at all costs because one failing grade in recitation can automatically pull your grade down drastically especially if the professor doesn’t call that many students per meeting so carotid fibrous it’s got like an SM.

it’s going to be so hard to pull up if you already have one o’clock in grade out of those five so the point here is if you’re assigned thirty cases.

sweet everything guys mabini Sedna am Eden and NASA heavy we all study in class even as another person as reciting devour their studying for the next case you can always use that time in class while someone else is reciting to polish your knowledge of the cases you already read you know to get more details in polishing Metallica.

What is important is you have already read the basics. My next law school study tip is to mark those portions of your readings that you don’t understand or that you don’t understand well enough.

If there’s a portion of your readings that you’re stuck in Nami Joe mind-boggling can’t understand then read it. but leave a mark on your notes kase Gowda so that you can go back to it later.

I used to make these markings in law school where colored flags along a plastic colored flags it’s good. if you get the plastic ones because they’re recycled but what you put in you pay for your material because you’ll have to dispose of those after you use this if so, I would just stick those plastic pads right beside the parts. I needed to reread and then I would move on don’t use highlighters or pens to mark cuz.

Unless all is done you’ll have to flip back through what you’ve already read just to see what you have to go back to compared to plants which are immediately visible even when you’re Codell or your book is closed it’s important to be efficient when studying.

If you spend too much time dwelling on a provision or a portion of your beading that baffles you then you will lose crucial time that you need to study or their material. I said when you’re in law school you’re not just studying for one subject you’re studying for multiple subjects in a day you really have to be wise with your time. So, even if it’s as simple as saving time when going back to the portions that you don’t understand every minute counts and remember like I said, always aim to finish everything once you’re done with the coverage.

That’s when Vallecano you Mikhaylovich america my next study tip is that. If you’re a visual person like me you appreciate and you can better understand things. if they’re in the form of flow charts, tables matrices diagrams then you are like a visual learner as well in short you would be less likely to understand the concept.

if it looks like this and more likely to understand it if it’s in a format like this for example guys look at this civil law probation on its face. it’s just like what so what you should do instead of sitting there for 30 minutes trying to understand that love of sex is to literally draw it out like this makes. it so much easier to understand right I myself I’m a super super visual learner if there’s.

something that I don’t understand I draw it even to this day in practice for example if you guys have taken property then you guys know that if you look at the provisions themselves on builder planters solar concepts given. here of Nebat in the end if you just to read it but if you brought it out in a matrix form it makes it so much more comprehensible when it’s in a chart part mastaba.

so don’t hesitate to get me visual when you’re studying the loan. If in doubt draw it out my next law school study tip is to redesign cases or provisions in chronological order let’s say that you have some 40 page case theories and you also have some three page cases to read. I know that the tendency is that you want na hoona hegemonic three page cases unlimited but no guys read everything in chronological order as they appear in your outline because the professor places them in that order for a reason. Let’s say that case one is the case that you skip.

In case two is the case that you read first there are three reasons why. it’s important not the skip number one case two might be an expansion or a narrowing of a doctrine that’s in case one another thing is case two might have explicitly overturns a doctrine that’s in case one and lastly case one and case two might actually be contradictory because some professors do do that this in a Salmonella in cases about an old doctrine that was subsequently.

overturned the article analyzes all violent cases with two contradictory doctrines and then they will ask the student who is reciting to compare and contrast the two cases now a local paper sometimes also if cases are related and by that I mean they have similar doctrines or they apply the same provision of the law then there’s a high likelihood that your professor will ask you to recite those related cases.

so when you’re studying you really have to look at your cases as a whole and you have to be able to relate them to each other.

my next Law School study tip is before memorizing provisions you have to be sure to understand them first when I was a law school newbie if if as in new I used to hear some professors say in law school you don’t need to memorize you just need to understand but I’m gonna savvy that is so wrong in Philippine laws whether criminal civil.

Administrative political law there are so many enumerations that you need to know your knowledge of these in your relations will be tested number one in law school will file a citation in terms finals and number two in the bar exam and obviously you can’t just understand an enumeration there’s just no way around that you really will have to memorize sometimes.

So, my tip is this before even attempting to memorize something you have to understand it first. If you try to memorize something without having understood it first then it is very likely that your memorization of whatever. it is that you memorized it will be very short term as in one or two days after you memorize them you will have forgotten it already.

I know that when we’re studying we’re rushing because we just have so much coverage to finish that’s my law students are speed readers right so it might seem to you like a waste of time to try to understand a provision or an enumeration first before immediately trying to memorize it but trust me if you blindly memorize something without having understood it first so branch.

superficial and shallow human attention no sure you may be able to recite what you memorized the day after you know the next day it’s like for recitation but you will have to remember. I sit again during midterms and again during finals and again during bar review so you see it really is counterproductive and you think that you’re saving time but you really in the long run you’re not so my tip is to take that bit of extra time to understand what you’re reading and then memorize okay my next study tip is that when you’re reading cases always write a one sentence summary of the case in your outline for example.

if the topic in the outline is psychological incapacity and the case that you just finished reading. if Antonio versus Reyes investigates the wife’s repeated lying was considered as abnormal and pathological and amounted to psychological in capacity so in your outline beside the case right the most important doctrine derived from that case so here for example it would be repeated lying equals psychological incapacity this one-liner in your outline will really help you when you’re called on to recite and in that split second before you stand up you have to recall what happened in that case also follow don’t forget to mark landmark cases what I would do before is in my outline for you my landmark cases.

I would literally near right then mark case beside that case those one sentence summaries will be a helpful reference for you.

when you’re reviewing for midterms and finals because you’ll immediately be able to see what each case is about without having to comb through each case one by one and for those cases which you mark as landmark cases you know that you’ll have to go back to the original scrap copy of the case you read it again in the original by the digest lab my next study tip applies to reading cases use different colored highlighters for the facts the issue and the rash of this step is useful because when you have to go back to a case whether you’re reviewing.

it again right before recitation or because you’re rereading it when you’re studying for finals or midterms.

then you can easily Zone in on what you’re looking for in the case so you know that if you want to review the facts look at the orange highlights if you want to review the issue look at the purple highlights if you need to brush up on the rash off then look at the green.

those were my except color codes before in law school or dodge for facts purple for issues and green for that means side Magnum Papa delay I would not highlight the issue anymore I would just encircle it and put an asterisk on it but I would always have orange for facts and green for Russia color coding is a good visual cue because it immediately tells you what you’re looking for and where to find it it saves a lot of precious time when you’re going over your readings on a related matter you guys and I have been guilty of this as well.

do not over highlight your readings I see new people here I like an eyeball paragraph except for one word be strategic when highlighting.

highlight only the most important parts you don’t need to highlight everything that you feel is important because there are other ways that you can emphasize what you want to emphasize like for example underlining or encircling obviously if you highlight everything the result is pretty much as if you highlight that nothing so use that Stabilo sparingly in law school so that I would not over highlight I would do a mixture of highlighting and circling and under 90 just okay I’m a goober.

highlight so brown the fish well corner shows you something that my next study tip applies to Codel or statutory.

provisions break down long paragraphs into shorter portions when starting at the long codal provisions or paragraphs that are super long it just gets very overwhelming so you have to break down those long paragraphs to make them understandable.

you can’t consume a huge block of ice if it’s in the form of a huge block of ice but you can’t consume it if you break it down into smaller bite-sized portions I used to do this guys but let’s say I was faced with a very very long I regret I would put slash marks in between Seth and says so right away just by putting a simple slash mark you would see the break or the division of ideas you guys know that a lot of provisions of law have so many different ideas check back into one.

single professional so to break it down and make it bite-sized then when you’re reading the probation let union are cadnams slashes in between ideas spray sample you’re reading the provisions that Pacific enter in concept one so we get an earring slash then you’re reading it again and have a that’s like end menu concept to begin you know elephants slash something as simple as that can really make an intimidating-looking provision much more understandable.

okay my next study tip applies to when you have to memorize the general rule and the exception or exceptions my tip is this use a color or symbol to mark the general rule and then use only one mark the marked exception.

for example,

if you’re reading a coda highlight the general rule for the exception use a symbol for example I would highlight the general rule and then for the exception I would use a symbol man but a circle shot with an X inside so again the general rule would be easily apparent and so with the exceptions because I my simple the shot the good thing about this technique if it saves you time when you’re studying or reviewing because you can immediately sewn-in.

on the general rule and quickly see the exceptions so that general rule keep in mind that you do not just study material once rather you actually review your material again for midterms again for finals again for your bar to view subjects in fourth year and again Jordan got a few if you hide like the general rule and you mark the exception in the exact same way so bottom general rule or a highlighter exception on orange highlighter but in when you go back to the material later it will be so hard to identify which the rule and the.

The exception is because everything just looks like one big chunk of highlighted text but I will be you today but if you mark the general rule a certain way and mark exceptions a different way when you’re reviewing you can.

immediately see ah this is the general rule ah these are the exceptions to that general rule efficient my next study tip is when reading cases do not be afraid to use digests but do not rely solely on them there are so many sources of digest textbooks into.

you’re I just fool in class they just have been demonized before they’ve gotten a bad rap but contrary to dispute digests are actually good digests are your friends use them the warning here however is that you should not just read digests instead of the actual case it’s then you should use digests to spot the issue and once you know that issue you said to go back to the actual scrap copy of the case this is how I used to do it a digest is usually divided into three parts right the facts the issue the rush.

I would very quickly browse the issue portion of the digest and then once the Nikita for you vocal issues a case so pop over base on your actual scrap case the great thing about that technique is that it lets you see the big picture you know the meat of the case the bone of contention right away because then when you look at the case.

it’s like this but once you quickly look at the digest your focus narrows so it becomes like this so once you know that from the digest man I know you’ve major issue in a case then that’s when you go back to your scrap your actual case for example. if the digest says issue whether or not the offer of want to maria had been legally accepted by maria despite the absence of a written acceptance by maria resulting in a perfected contract you know that when you read the actual scrap case you can just gloss over the other issues you know that you’re going to be focusing on the facts and the rationale related to that issue of whether there was legal acceptance by maria of the offer of what so you know that you’re not going to be wasting your time on other irrelevant issues so the bottom line here is to use digest to supplement your cases but not the substitute.

that my next study tip is to vary your study style according to the professor and the subject as law students one thing that we forget is that professors are people – not evil dictators as people naturally they have their own quirks styles likes demands so my tip here is that at the start of the semester while your classmates are exciting don’t just sit there.

so as they prayed to God that you won’t be called instead observe how your professor conducts recitation the sad professor asked for the provision of love first and then ask for the cases applying the law after do they ask you about the issue in the case first and then ask you to narrate the facts after.

You know what I mean when you have this information you can adjust your study style according to that professor’s dressing style. if you notice that that professor asks students to compare it to class cases then you know that you have to make sure but you are noting the subtle differences between pieces even. if they seem alike if you notice that the problem asks about the same thing opinions then read the dissenting opinions. if you notice that your professor is particular about facts and asks detailed facts then when you’re studying you know that you can’t just skim over the facts you really have to know them inside out the point here is if you know what your professor wants then you know what you have to focus on when you said my next Law School study tip is to go into studying with the mentality that bar review begins on your first year of law school this is something that my batch mates and I would repeatedly hear from our professors.

it’s something that you hear about because it is consistently true Bar Review is the study period leading up to the bar exam I would say that 85% of it is about stop knowledge about refreshing and supplementing your stop knowledge the remaining 15% I would say it’s for learning the new subject matter that you haven’t studied before I would like in bar exam knowledge to a pyramid like the pyramids of Egypt the basic building blocks of your bar exam knowledge are what you have learned as a first-year law student so but I’m gonna push on on top of that are the building blocks consisting of what you learned as a second-year law student and on top of that what you’ve learned as a third-year law student and lastly as a senior law student if you bought the most building blocks like you’ve been on above a layer if they’re laughing.

Kaneda gonna pop Adamiak knowledge you know that you piled on top your pyramid is gonna come toppling down so,

first-year knowledge is really the foundation on which your entire law school knowledge will be built and if you don’t build that foundation properly then the rest of your second third fourth bar exam knowledge will be faulty as well I totally get it now mean sign form a part of that I decided that he needed a pursuit coverage for the day or Indiana bus at O and thank you Lord he met Iona Powell for that class.

when that does happen to you yes but Salama can you field or bus do not leave it at that.

make sure that after class you still read the coverage that you list remember that if you skip reading the coverage what a Silicon Valley new kitchen could do you cow because in Los oh they’re already supposed to be studying for the bar exam so if you cheat and you say an indicative of Si and Thomas a suppose another last meeting and it comes a like a you college I remember that when you study day to day survival is the short term goal but passing the bar exam is the long term objective so studying not just for the professor but study for you.

My next step is that you’re studying with sunbed red notes. I’m not kidding when I say the Sun gets better past the best reviewers on the planet. I end my batch means use their reviewers the most more than any other reviewer from any other school for Nathan a class obviously sunbed the reviewers are not enough but reviewers are still valuable tools.

Because, you can use them as references when you’re studying your main material so you basically use reviewers alongside your main material and have your main material in front of you and study that but do have your son better read notes beside you so that. you can see what they for the things to remember are from your main material readings gets so overwhelming just because of the sheer volume of the things that you have to read but with sunbather.

that’s your guide you will immediately know what I remember from your main material sometimes San Beda results even have short one or two line or summaries of cases.

so for example in your son better at notes it says Mattoon and versus Republic 2016 case affirms the 1997 with Lina case sighs night for article 36 psychological incapacity. Our number was two three so since you saw from your son better at notes that you knew meet number two then case then you know that that’s the part that you have to focus on the most when you’re reading your mean material so son better read notes or whatever reviewer you prefer although. I still say son better reviewer is the best they can be such helpful guides the caveat is just do not use it. it is as your main material sticks to your outline that is another thing that’s great about Sunday that has notes is that they have no moving so funny they get the first letter of the enumeration or the things you have to memorize for example the letters are RSV.

Be the transformative animu next apparent Plaza band oppa so San Beda thank you for making Sun better at those.

honestly my next law school study tip is to go offline as in turn off your laptop or your phone wide by but it’s gonna be Daniel scheduled by Ohio if neither like a violin powers then put your phone on silent and face down on your desk.

it is such a distraction if your phone is beside you and you see your phone light up for every Facebook whatsapp viber messenger telegram Instagram.

bender whatsapp bumble a nerd that comes in so, self Patrol My dear children stay away from your gadgets there are so many distractions in life in law school including in your cases and commentaries themselves do not add to that pool of distractions by adding social media in the mix.

Just don’t forget to tell the important people in your life where you are an anaemic is not gonna they might already be panicking. well you’re no sleep and your taxation.

Lauri , my next study tip is to sleep when you are sleepy. You can relate to studying in coffee shops just because you know that you’re going to give it and sleep.

if you stay home I know that law school is about pushing yourself, pushing yourself to study even when you’re down, you’re tired when your brain is in the clouds and when you’re sleepy but guys. if you are so sleepy to the point of nodding off when you’re in Starbucks then you know that it’s time to call it a night and go home your brain can no longer absorb anything. if you’re that sleepy guy sueleen and then just get up early to finish whatever it is that you have to study so that it’s in you guys.

I hope that you guys picked up a thing or two from this article that you could apply to your own law school experience. I know a hundred percent how difficult law school is. I’m sure that each of you has done so. why you’re in law school in the first place that reason why you’re willing to endure the humiliation sleepless nights mental anguish in short moral damages whenever you have those moments of doubt in law school remember to always go back to that why that Y will always lead you back to your readings and back to law school.

even after a bad day about receiving a bad exam like I’ve said in my five myths about law school articles. I believe the link to that blog down below law school isn’t the test of intelligence it’s really a test of krint so the most important tip is that. I can give you guys really to keep on trying just remember that nothing worth having comes easy so yeah guys thank you so much for reading this article I hope you learned a thing or two.


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