Best College Q&A! Computer Science at Stanford


hey guys welcome back to my channel for those of you who don’t know me my name is tiffany. and i make videos about my life so i asked you guys to send me questions about college. on my instagram thank you so much for asking all those questions.

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and without further ado we’ll dive right into the questions so i have three categories of. questions the first one is questions about college.

then questions about computer science and then questions about stanford i’ll put time stamps for all of the questions so you can. see what questions i’m answering and jump around if you’d like.

so the first question is what is the fundamental difference between college and high school.

college and high school are very different in college i feel like you have way more freedom to choose what you want to do.

so you can choose what classes you want to take you can choose what major you want to take.

you can even choose if you want to go to college or not another big difference is that the people who are there are from all over the world.

and it just opens up your network to so many more people it was a great chance to meet people who you wouldn’t have met just living in your town from high school the last thing i want to say is personally i found college much more challenging than high school there are just more concepts to learn you have less time you’re learning faster and it’s definitely more challenging.

academically the next question is have you ever decided to switch your major yes definitely i’ve switched my major so many times.

you guys might not know this but i went into college thinking that i would be a film major.

and bioengineering double major and that definitely did not come true i ended up being a computer science major with a minor in classics which is basically the opposite of what i intended to do.

i also came into college thinking that i would be an ophthalmologist a doctor and now i want to be a product manager and potentially an entrepreneur so people in college definitely change their minds.

paths change you have new interests you’re growing up. i feel like it’s really hard at 18 to know what you want to do for the rest of your life. so college is a really great way to explore different majors take different classes.

and decide on what you want to pursue how many hours of sleep did you get this is a funny question because i did not get.

very much sleep in college i probably averaged around. six hours a day um the reason i got six hours is because i was on the rowing team.

and i was a computer science student and that just does not mix super well because if you’re a computer science student you’re going to be staying up all night coding.

and if you’re a rowing athlete you’re going to be waking up early and i definitely always felt very very tired this was just a sacrifice that i was willing to make. in order to do everything that i wanted to so. in the end i survived it and it’s all right.

so then i got a few questions about networking slash internships so what is the best way to network in college and how do you find internships and other connections i think i have a few tips here the first is really lean on friends so if you have any upperclassmen friends if they’ve had internships.

perhaps they can refer you or guide you on which internship you should pursue second is i feel like a lot of freshmen do. research on campus that’s what i did my freshman year. so if there are any professors that you know who.

are needing interns for the summer definitely email them reach out say that you’re a freshman and you’re looking for opportunities.

most will be very happy to have you another tip i have is going to career fairs. so just type up your resume maybe have a friend look it over just. go up to people and say hi this is why i want to work here and this is why i’m qualified.

and maybe you’ll land an interview so the next question is what is your favorite college memory.

and i have so many good memories from college because honestly it was such a good time and i met so many good people but i guess if there’s one that really sticks out it’s.

my senior year when we won the national championship for the lightweight rowing team.

it was just so amazing a good feeling something i’ve been working for for four years and we also broke a national record.

which also felt really amazing so that’s just one memory that i just will always hold dear and close to my heart what’s your favorite part about college so the one thing i’ll take away from college over you know what i learned in class.

or what i learned on the rowing team is the friends who i will talk to forever and always have a close connection with i met my best friends at college and some really really really quality people i’ve learned so much from my friends.

and they’ll be my friends forever thoughts on grad school.

after you’re finished with college you know some people go off to grad school and some people don’t.

i chose to because i personally didn’t know what i want to do yet i didn’t want to jump right into a career i also found this program the sustainability program that.

really aligned with my interests and passions but i think it’s also totally valid to.

just jump right into your career there are so many people who are seniors and they just get a great software engineering job or go off to do some consulting somewhere.

and they never looked back and that’s totally fine but i feel like there’s no right or wrong answer it’s just like do you have the funds to do it and are you really interested in staying longer in school because.

at this point you’ve been in school for many many years okay.

and now we’re going to move on to the computer science questions.

so the first question in this category is what was your hardest class and i would say the hardest class i took is the last computer science class i took.

which was cs110 this was a.

systems class very difficult long hours i would definitely spend like 40 hours on each pset.

and we had one piece out a week but even though it was really hard i actually found it to be my favorite class not only because the instructors were just so nice and caring but i also met some incredible friends who i still talk to today.

and i feel like i really learned how to be tough and how to just like grind through something.

is computer science just about programming so i feel like a lot of computer science is programming you will have assignments and projects where you do have to code in order to finish.

but there’s also another aspect of computer science which talks about how humans interact with computers that’s less of coding and more of just like analyzing.

our new digital world and how computers play a role in human society today so i took a class on social computing and we learned all about.

how to build social networks and how facebook and instagram came about and that’s all tied into computer science so in summary.

yes mostly programming but not all programming.

what types of personalities mindsets would you recommend for cs.

you definitely have to be persistent because.

coding projects take a long time and you’re going to hit a lot of walls and you’re going to have to figure out how to solve them yourself you have to be really.

good with uncertainty a lot of times the questions on the assignments that they give you.

will not make any sense and half of the problem is understanding what they’re asking you in the first place i feel like you also have to be really hard working problem sets are really long and classes are really tough and there’s a lot of people who are going to know how to do things better than you so you have to be really hard working to keep up and put in a lot of time towards your assignments what made you choose cs.

would you choose it again are you happy this is such a good question like i said before i wasn’t a cs major coming into college.

and what really made me choose cs in the end was i took.

the intro to cs class and i actually really liked it i didn’t realize that computer science was even like within my reach because i was always like a biology kid.

and i wanted to be a doctor so i took it and i was like oh this could be this could be my major i also just think computer science is.

super cool and a lot of things that we do today.

are related to computer science in some way from like typing on our computer to going on google to.

turning on the tv that’s why i chose computer science.

seen any i think i did see like fox face from the hunger games but that’s the only person i’ve seen in person it’s not like a huge deal to be like a celebrity or like a kid of a celebrity at stanford.

it doesn’t like make the news or anything thank you again for sending in all the questions they’re way more than i was expecting.


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