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good morning.

happy monday happy november i am hopping on a plane back to canada in 20 days so stress levels are high um i am going to be vlogging this week and sharing with you guys what that’s like so please keep on watching i also just really want to quickly say thank you so much for a thousand subscribers i woke up this morning to the you know that i’ve officially been monetized so thank you to everyone who’s played a role in that um if you’re new please subscribe comment leave a like anyway so this week.

um we have a lot of outlining and a lot of readings it’s also.

election day tomorrow in the us and as a canadian i’m super interested to see what that whole vibe is like um but yeah keep on watching to watch me struggle through another week of law school that is how my morning is going.

so i have twerks in 20 minutes and can we just take a moment to.

how how did i make it worse.

i got a package in the mail today that i’m super excited about so hold on all right so i just got this in the mail.

um it was halloween this past weekend and something that i found out was um so when you buy nestle variety pack chocolate here.

not that anyone should be buying anything from nestle’s aho company but if you were.

and you get the variety pack with kitkat you get different.

chocolates in a cure than you do in canada so i was like okay.

um i’m gonna order a box of canadian chocolate for my friends to try um partially because i think we’re superior um riley’s her chocolate is and i feel like my friends should try that and also just kind of like as a thank you for uh putting up with me constantly filming stuff.

in front of them or of them and being super chill about it.

so i ordered on amazon she is here right here so americans have kitkat.

but they don’t have arrow

or coffee crisp or smarties so i’m gonna go walk around and give these to my friends.

this is pretty good not a huge coffee person even though i drink it every morning but.

you know i don’t love my coffee but this is pretty good.

okay so i just dropped back to my room after a long night of studying outlining and delivering chocolates to people.

felt like santa claus um but there’s just something about outlining that’s so much more draining.

than doing normal readings it’s a much more intensive process.

i feel like my brain is just constantly like on thinking and processing all the time.

versus in reading this more to me being like all right cool sounds good to me um but yeah i’ve always feel so drained whenever i align.

anyways right now i want to do some chores before i head to bed i want to wash.

my masks clean a little bit i also want to work it get in a little bit of a workout.

this is modern art.

good morning happy tuesday it is officially election day so i’m super excited to see how this day goes i only have one class today because instead of three because a lot of my props cancel class for the election so i’m about to do contracts right now and contracts.

all right so i just got back in from lunch um i think i’m gonna head to the library.

because i basically live there and all i do is study um.

but yeah i have the rest of the afternoon off so i’m gonna spend that.

so i just finished all of my readings for tomorrow.

so i just got came back from the library gonna take a little bit break and go to get some bubble tea with a friend it is so beautiful outside so i’m trying to take advantage of this weather while it lasts.

all right so i’m back for my little bubble tea trip i have my bubble tea with me.

um i also managed to pick up my amazon package.

and someone really needs to take away my credit card.

um but i kind of stressed and post bought this.

over the weekend when i was super stressed from outlining.

and i was like okay i have to have this in my life i i really don’t but i’m really excited that i do um see if you can guess what it is.

look at it i got one of those giant blanket hoodies oh my god.

i am going to be so cozy this winter break and also for exams.

i’m so happy so right now i’m going to film my video for thursday it’s going to be a q a um so check that out if you haven’t yet because it’ll be already up at the time this video is up i answer all the questions that everyone keeps asking me all the time oh my god i’m in love with this i feel so soft oh my god okay it’s like wearing a blanket.

okay so just finished filming my video talked for like.

25 minutes um i’m actually okay so these rooms are pretty sound proof but the doors are not soundproof so if people walk by the hallway i’m pretty sure they can hear me.

and i always feel so self-conscious when like people see or hear me film stuff i don’t know why.

hopefully i get over that soon anyways it’s almost dinner time.

but i want to get some work in so i’m gonna do that and then grab dinner.

all right so i’m back in my room i just spent most of the night.

in the common room with a friend half watching the election half studying i was not nearly as productive as i wanted to be so i came back to my room took a shower and now i’m gonna kind of grind out my torch outline a little bit and also keep an eye on election results um it was.

very stressful i like at the beginning of the night i was trying to find and then somehow for some reason like an hour in i started feeling this really tight feeling my chest about the results anyways i don’t know to sleep yet because i know even with like the whole mail and palette thing they might not have a result for like a week but i would like to go to bed feeling like the world is not about to end all right so good morning happy wednesday it’s the morning after election day and there have been there have been no results but when they went to sleep michigan was red when i woke up this morning michigan was blue so.

those mail and bats are coming in anyways um i should have stayed up late that night last night.

because i woke up this morning five minutes late for my contract class thank god it’s on zoom because if i had to go to class despite being five minutes late.

we would have had a problem so yeah so i just finished my contest.

contracts class oh my god um clearly i’m a little bit out of it.

anyways i’m gonna go make myself look a little bit more presentable for the rest of the day.

and go get some lunch.

okay so just staying back from shorts it is such a beautiful day outside but i have one more class to get through it’s sith pro it’s been a long day i’m very tired but.

um the several i always enjoy so i have said pro now.

and then an evening full of reading work i just wrote my tweets for women also no law.

which is this twitter account run by new michigan professors.

it highlights the accomplishments of the woman in leto.

anemia which i think is super interesting and i love being a part of it.

okay so just grab dinner real quick it was not good i had like a few bites but i’m gonna go to the library right now it closes in like an hour and a half.

okay so the library closed and i’m back in my room.

to do more readings i changed into something much more comfy.

and i’m going to spend the rest of my night working so i have my contracts reading that i need to get through and it’s just it’s taking me so long because i just i don’t understand it i don’t know if it’s just like reaching for the semester my brain isn’t working i’m understanding all my other classes fine.

or if it’s just i just can’t understand damages.

so i just finished my contracts readings for another night.

and i do some outlining so i’m currently working on my torts outline.

so how i’m working my outline right now is i’ve.

put all my notes into one doc i’ve kind of condensed it.

cut some of the um unnecessary stuff but it’s still a little bit too fat so i’m comparing it to someone else’s outline like.

some girl oh who did super well last year and kind of see what she put and what else i need to cut.

admission actually has a list of everyone who came at the top of their class in each class.

um and so i reached out to the three people who also had my profs last year and who did really well to see if they would send me their outlines and they were nice enough to do so so i’ve just been kind of comparing mine to theirs which has been really helpful um there is a bug in my room so either i’m going to have to move or i’m going to have to figure out a way to get rid of it.

currently editing the video for tomorrow good morning happy thursday i am really tired i stayed up early last night.

but my video for today is edited edit it it’s gonna drop today.

that’s done i have class i have contracts it’s my first class in about five minutes.

i have been very confused in contracts lately so hopefully this class will clear it up.

um it seems like kind of restaurant damages and numbers just seems a little bit.

counter-intuitive right now um but yeah so our contracts first.

okay so i just got back from twertz which is my last class of the day but the today is far from over i have so much work to do.

uh i think i’m gonna get some coffee in me and then start crafting on this um research thing i supposed to do for biz.

it’s not due tonight um it’s like well okay so the whole thing isn’t due tonight but i want to have something done so i can talk about what i’m doing tonight.

so i think i want to do that um i have tutoring at four.

so i’m gonna do that from now until four.

and then after tutoring a quick dinner and.

i have to do my readings for tomorrow still yeah so much work so first coffee um the reason i’m so tired is because i’m doing all my normal readings and also the election stress which i like.

somehow just hit me on tuesday night and so i guess i fully indoctrinated no i’m kidding.

um but yeah celebrities dress and also on top of all my normal work i have been really outlining so i’m trying to finish my final torts outline by this weekend.

so i can use it to like practice due practice exams.

and it’s just uh and i really need to tell my bangs.

so my life is not going okay you guys but we are.

pushing through.

just came back from dinner i have my viz call in about half an hour but i have this citation exercise i have to do for tomorrow for my little practice class.

anyways my sink is clawed again i’m pretty sure two vlogs ago it was also clogged.

so i have to get some money to come clear it up again.

i just i lose a lot of hair okay so the dessert for tonight.

was raspberry cheesecake and so when i say raspberry cheesecake what comes to mind like a cheesesteak with some raspberry dribbled.

like dribbled on it dribble is that the word anyways.

look how what it actually is it is like swimming in raspberry okay so i just finished my citation exercise for tomorrow.

and i hate citing so much i don’t think i’m going to do a journal just because literally because i hate citing and also because there’s not much point because i can’t click for judge anyways so no signing and no journal write-on thing.

but i think i want to switch it up this weekend i think i want to try and do some of my readings today.

and work on my memo tomorrow because right now i’m just not in the mood to work on my memo and i know that if i make myself sit down and do it it’s just not gonna be very productive so we’re gonna try and get some readings done today i think that’s the plan for like.

this morning and then early afternoon and then i’ll spend the rest of my day finishing up my turtleneck.

in good news um it’s officially been called.

biden has won and i could hear kind of people celebrating outside which was pretty cool um i unfortunately have too much work to do.

to be celebrating but um good news still okay so just finished my sip pro readings for.

tuesday i am deciding if i want to do my contracts readings.

or if i want to outline actually i am not going to outline or do my contract readings i’m going to walk.

okay so i just came back from my walk flash hike we went to the arb um and there was a lot of uphill and i am so out of shape i was.


literally struggling to booty to throwing up some of that and honestly i think if i dark cove it it would just be over for me because i don’t think my respiratory system could handle it um so i have to work out more trying to watch.

finding speech while outline at the same time i’ll.

not the most productive way but still all right so that’s it for the week it’s been a little bit crazy.

thanks so much for watching my vlog please tell me like subscribe and i’ll see.

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